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Improving Partnerships with Parents

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(In-house or open access workshop)

This course has four-stages: 

Stage 1: During the first 3-hour workshop, delegates will take a closer look at the issues affecting parents’ engagement in settings. They will examine the theory behind the benefits of achieving greater partnerships and the link between effective partnership and supporting parents to improve the home learning environment. 

Stage 2: Delegates will complete a work-based activity, reflecting on their own and their settings’ parent engagement strategies, in preparation for the second 3-hour workshop. 

Stage 3: The second 3-hour workshop provides delegates with clearer understanding of evidence-based approaches to promoting the home learning environment. Delegates will review current practices on parent partnership and the home learning environment. Delegates are guided in developing a personal and/or setting plan to improve parent partnerships and support to parents on the home learning environment. 

Stage 4: There will be a follow up visit or phone call to help delegates implement the learning within the setting, ensuring a greater impact from attending the course. These workshops have been delivered at various venues over the last six months.

Cost: In house: £400 (£300 for existing FYT partners).  Open access places £50 (£30 for existing FYT partners) 

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