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Little Explorers (Package A)

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This package combines training on the Peep Learning Together programme, enabling staff to deliver Little Explorers groups in-house with continued support from FYT staff. 

An initial 2.5 hour workshop is delivered for the whole setting to inspire staff to think about the home learning environment and to ensure knowledge and understanding across the setting. 

Two staff members will attend two full day’s training on the Peep Learning Together programme, which will equip them with all the skills to deliver the curriculum with access to the online resources. Each setting will also receive a pack of materials including song books and story books relating to the programme. 

Following the training, setting staff will receive support and mentoring over 10 visits from a designated FYT staff member. The trained delegates will have access to a Wirral-wide learning network, specifically looking at different ways to engage parents and sharing ideas for Little Explorers.  FYT will also provide the opportunity to your parents to join our Parent Champion network and work with you to maximise the opportunity of having Parent Champions in your setting. 

FYT will collect progress data for all children in the cohort (with parents’ permission) and analyse the progress of those who have attended the groups.

Total cost for one year: £775. 
If required, FYT will also continue support and mentoring to staff with three visits per term: £130 per year 

Little Explorers (Package B)

This package is the same as package A, but with additional support from our team. 

We recognise that establishing Little Explorers groups is time consuming and that your staff may need some additional support to get the group off the ground. This package provides you with two members of our team to deliver the Little Explorers groups directly for 20 weeks, prior to your staff having the training.  After the training one member of FYT staff will continue to co-deliver the group for 4 weeks, phasing out as your staff are fully confident to deliver the groups independently.

Cost for year 1: £1300 - Introductory offer!
If required, FYT will also continue support and mentoring to staff with three visits per term: £130 per year

If you would find out more,  please contact us.