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Using the Peep Learning Together curriculum, Little Explorers groups are easy to fit into your weekly planning.  Some of the benefits are:
- Provide opportunities for parents to come into the school/setting
- Strengthen partnerships with parents
- Support parents to engage in their child's learning and development.

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Year 1     Two days training for two members of staff.
                Up to three support visits per term by FYT team member
                Marketing materials
                Access to online resources through the Peeple website
Year 2     Up to three visits per term
                Continued access to online resources through Peeple website

Occasionally, settings may require a member of FYT to co-deliver their groups.  This is charged at £30 per session.

FYT will collect progress data for all children in the cohort (with parents’ permission) and analyse the progress of those who have attended the groups.

Two year programme £630

Training will take place on the 30th and 31st January 2019.  Contact Anne Parker at for more information