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Early Explorers (babies & toddlers)

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Our Early Explorer programme is targeted at pregnant and new parents, up until children reach one year of age.  Early Explorers focuses on the importance of attachment and on parents' well-being in those first few months after a new baby's arrival.

FYT staff are present every Wednesday  between 9-10am at the baby clinic run by health visitors at Manor Primary School on the Beechwood estate.  During these sessions, parents have the chance to get information and advice about those early days and weeks in their baby's life.  Parents are invited to attend our Early Explorers baby groups where our staff demonstrate fun ways they can help their baby's very early development.

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Our groups currently run on:
-  Tuesdays between 2-3pm at Rock Ferry Children's Centre and 
-  Fridays between 9.15-10.15am at the Little Centre on the Beechwood Estate.

If you would like to learn more about our Early Explorer groups, contact us.