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Parent / Carer Testimonials 

We have had fantastic feedback from parents and carers who use our groups or volunteer with us. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch, or follow our Instagram and Facebook pages.

I love the groups. It makes me feel a bit more confident. Sometimes you feel that they are not learning at home but, you know, they really are.

I love being involved with her learning because I think it makes her a lot happier as well. If the teachers are doing it in school and we are doing it at home, then she is going to find that easier.

We sit down together more to read, write and interact more. My child loves the groups and has learnt a lot, as well as me. 

I encourage my child to express himself while playing, reading, art, choosing food whilst out and about. I have a much better understanding of how he learns.

We read more together. I get him more involved in helping around the house. I point things out more when we're out and about. 

I've learned to have a lot more patience with all of my children and I get them involved with preparing and making meals a lot more.

I have found myself doing a lot more with my daughter at home. This group has made me realise your child's education should never stop, there is always something that your child can be educated on.

Instead of repeating myself over and over, I get down to my child's level and ask her to listen to me before asking her to do something.

Being a volunteer has given me something else to focus on, other than my children and home life. I really enjoy it!

I wanted to become a volunteer because I got so much out of going to groups with my children and wanted others to experience the same. I am now able to point parents in the right direction.

I learned a lot through the group and even though I have 3 children, I’m still learning new things through being a volunteer. I love being able to share ideas with other parents about ways they can help their children’s learning at home.

I think it's really good. I don't get out much without my husband... so it's nice to have an hour away with [my daughter] and with her friends and other mums and dads.