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Little Explorers

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Once your child starts attending nursery, you can really help their learning by carrying on activities at home. Your child’s nursery may have a Little Explorers group that you can attend, to get lots of ideas about ways you can support their learning at home. Nursery staff who run Little Explorers have been trained by us and we also support them.

Little Talkers

COMING SOON!  Little Talkers helps parents understand how their child is learning use language in their communication and the different communication styles. The course is packed with tips and ideas about how parents can use simple strategies to help their child’s communication skills. Whether you are worried about your child’s language development or not, Little Talkers will give you great tips to support your child.

Early Readers

We're really pleased that our Early Readers groups are running again in some schools.  These help parents encourage a love of stories, books and reading from an early age. Reading is essential to learning, but learning to read is a complex process. Parents can build the foundations for reading before children even get to school. This five week course helps parents understand how their child is learning to read, as well as what they can do at home to support their early reading.

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