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About Us

We are a small team who visit schools and nurseries and help them set up groups for parents and their children.  We also run some groups for parents of 0-2's to help them start the learning process at an early age.  

We want parents to feel good about themselves and their ability to help their child's learning.  That's why our groups are informal and friendly.  Find out if we're in your school or nursery by clicking on 'Our Groups' and come and say hello if we are.   Also check out our 'Adventures at Home' pages to find lots of ideas, by age, to help your child through fun, everyday activities.  

Information for Parents

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As a small charity, we have to show that we are using our money in a useful way.  We also want to see that our work is making a difference, so we ask our families to complete a registration form with lots of information that we keep safely on our database. This is not used for anything other than our own work.

We hope to have an evaluation of our work in the future.  This is why we ask parents to complete evaluation forms at the end of each term.  It’s also why we would like to be able to access information about children’s progress once they move onto school.  We ask parents to sign a consent form so we can use this information however, if parents choose not to consent, they are still very welcome to come to our groups.

Our team work closely with local Children's Centres and, if you wish, we can share your information to sign you up to their services.  We will only do this with your permission, and will never share your information unless you allow us to.   Our Information Management policy can be found in the  footer at the bottom of each page, if you wish to find out more.


If we have concerns about a child or adult, we have a duty to share this with the relevant agencies who can help.  If you wish to have a copy of our safeguarding policy, please contact us.