The Foundation Years Trust - Parents of 0-5s

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Our Groups

Early Explorers
Early Explorers

Babies & toddlers

Those first few months of a child’s life are really important for the development of their body and brain. These sessions are a great opportunity for parents to get new ideas on how to support their child's learning and development throughout everyday experiences.

Story Explorers

Nurseries & schools

Lots of fun for you and your child.  Weekly sessions delivered in schools and nurseries. Some are led by Foundation Years Trust staff and some by staff at the school/nursery who have been trained by our staff.   All the groups follow a structure  which includes songs, rhymes, stories and an opportunity for parents to chat about a particular topic around children's learning and development, for example communication and language.

Outdoor Explorers

Become a Parent Champion

They are parents just like you. They volunteer a small amount of time each week to suit their own families needs. They talk with other parents about local childcare, other family services and share activity ideas for children.