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We have loved working closely with CBeebies to develop a new programme, with Peeple, called The Baby Club, for both babies & parents.

We hope you and your baby enjoy singing, sharing books and playing as you watch it together.

Perhaps see if you can find a local group at your nearest centre?

Keep your eyes peeled ... coming to your screens in March.


 elephant logo make the difference

Anna-Louise was at the launch of the Department for Education’s new initiative on the Home Learning Environment on 14th November, along with Sally from Peeple and Joyce from National Children’s Bureau and over 100 other businesses, charities and education stakeholders.  The Secretary of State for Education is launching a new, cross-sector campaign to promote the simple ways that parents can help their children learn.  This is a hugely exciting opportunity , which FYT supports whole heartedly!  Great to see the government promoting the fact that Parents Make the Difference!