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For the new school term and return to school, we are promoting a new topic every week on our social media and calling it ‘Adventures at Home’. This week we have been talking about children’s physical development. We made a dancing ribbon, shared information in a Talktime video about how ‘Movement Matters’, did some giant weaving and showed how crossing the midline of the body is vital for helping to promote coordination and communication of both sides of the brain. See our Facebook and Instagram pages every week for new topics and useful information and advice.

Our Chairman, Professor Ted Melhuish OBE, has taken part in an interesting and informative Roundtable discussion on Sky TV's TRTWorld channel, about the damage that may have been caused by lockdown, examining the issues facing parents and children as they get ready for the transition back to school and nursery. Link to full video below.

Back to School with Prof. Ted Melhuish