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We are delighted to welcome Lucy Powell, MP as a Trustee.

Lucy is the Labour and Cooperative MP for Manchester Central. She was elected in a by-election on November 15th 2012, becoming the first female Labour MP to represent a Manchester constituency.

Since her election Lucy has campaigned hard against the government’s cuts to Manchester’s public services, the privatisation of the ambulance services, and for stricter regulations for private landlords. Lucy has previously served in the Shadow Cabinet, as Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office (2015) and Shadow Education Secretary (2015-16). She now sits on the Education Select Committee and chairs a number of All Party Parliamentary Groups, including the Greater Manchester APPG, Nurseries APPG and Families in the Early Years APPG. Lucy has recently been appointed by Mayor Andy Burnham to lead efforts to improve school readiness across Greater Manchester.

We are delighted to welcome Graham Allen as our 3rd Vice Patron.

Graham has had strong links to Early Interventions since 2005, when he took on the executive role of Chair of Nottingham’s Local Strategic Partnership, which he renamed One Nottingham and set it the mission of making Nottingham the first “Early Intervention City”. In 2007 he wrote with Iain Duncan-Smith the seminal “Early Intervention: good parents, great kids, better citizens “underlining his reputation for getting things done by working cross party.

In July 2010, the Prime Minister requested he carry out an Independent Review of Early Intervention for Her Majesty’s Government. He produced two influential reports, the first, "Early Intervention: the next steps" published January 2011, and the second of which, "Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings", was published in July 2011. He then set about building and funding a national Early Intervention Foundation to implement the findings of the report.  The EIF opened for business in February 2013 and he Chaired it unpaid. Click for more info