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Foundation Years Trust is delighted to welcome four new members to our team – Diane Mulligan, Jennie Allison, Jenny Blair and Edith Haidari.

Diane will be working as an Early Years Trainer, Jennie and Jenny will be running the Early and Mini Explorer groups, working with children from birth to two years old, and Edith is helping with the administration of the charity.

Anna-Louise attended the Department for Education’s launch of its Hungry Little Minds campaign to promote the Home Learning Environment on 2nd July and was delighted to receive this letter from the Secretary of State thanking FYT for their collaboration.   

Damian Hinds letter

FYT are delighted to promote this campaign and we fully support the Secretary of State’s decision to put the home learning environment onto the national early years agenda.  

See how the new Hungry Little Minds campaign is helping parents to set their children up nicely for school with fun tips and activities at:  Instagram #hungrylittleminds. You can also find lots of ideas on our website and by following us on Instagram #parentsmakethediffrence