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In the absence of physical groups, Foundation Years Trust is delighted to announce our virtual Mini Explorers!

Are you a first-time parent?

Do you have a new-born or young children at home?

Do you want to meet new parents or virtually catch up with friends?

Mini Explorers is a chance to stay connected, have some fun with your little ones at home and celebrate the importance of your role!

Group will run on a Wednesday at 9.30am, and our first will be on the 13th of January. We hope to see you there!

With Christmas approaching and the excitement of new toys, this week on our social media, Jemma chats about how we can promote turn taking rather than sharing with young children; building up their resilience, assertiveness, patience, and confidence.

We have some great activity ideas:

  • Freezing winter items such as sticks, stones, pinecones or leaves into ice blocks; exploring scientific concepts as they melt and using lots of different language.
  • Playing winter I-Spy: exploring and discussing our seasons gives children a greater understanding of the natural world, and how and why these big changes they see at the different times of year happen.
  • Christmas writing: giving children the opportunity to practise making meaningful marks in their own time by having Christmas tags, cards, paper and pencils to scribble on.

We also discuss the issue of loneliness. Christmas may be different for lots of us this year, with not being able to gather with extended family or travel afar. This year many of us have adapted & reached out in other ways: social media, videocalls, posting letters to family and friends, delivering food packages to those in need…. And many more.

For more fun activities and advice over the Christmas period, visit: