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Our Chairman Ted Melhuish is currently in Australia helping the Northern Territory government to improve early years programs for Aboriginal families.

His adventuring has recently seen him in Galiwin’ku, a small but vibrant community of 2000 residents.  In the flight over on a tiny 2-engine piper plane, Ted was allowed to take control of the flight…..

OTed flying Ted in the bush

It might look totally different to here, but the importance of engaging families in early years education remains the same!

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Ted Melhuish, OBE as our Chairman at last week's AGM.

Ted is already a Trustee and now replaces Elizabeth Filkin, CBE, who has been our Acting chair for the last year.  A big thank you to Elizabeth for your support in this time.

Ted's influence at Early Years policy-making level both in the UK and overseas, in addition to his expertise in ensuring that the evidence FYT produces is solidly based and reputable, make him an ideal choice for this role.