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Our topic this week is New-Born Vision, with a Talktime video with Jennie discussing ways you can support your baby’s eyesight as it develops. We have an explanation of how black and white items can aid a new-born’s vision, with ideas to support this. We then show how you can introduce colour as your baby grows, with some fun suggestions to incorporate colour, by playing with colourful scarfs or ribbons, using coloured sock on your hand whilst singing nursery rhymes or tickle games, or pointing out brightly coloured objects whilst out on a walk.


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This week's Adventures at Home topic is all about having fun with maths: Jen's Talktime Video has ideas for how we can encourage our children to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts.  We also have some excellent activity ideas: 

  • Make and use a treasure map, a map to a den you’ve made or a map to the garden. This is a great activity to encourage the use of positional language. Crawl under the table and over the cushions. Use terms such as right, left, behind and in front, on, near, beneath, up, and down. There is so much language to explore!
  • Encourage your little ones to help you with the washing! Hang the socks on the washing line together and make pairs, compare length, order socks by size, count them, group them, add socks and take some away. Have fun with maths!

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