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This week’s Adventures at Home topic is all about physical development in babies! Our weekly virtual Mini Explorer’s group on Wednesday morning explores this too, inviting you to use something new, such as porridge oats or dried rice, to explore how babies use their senses to discover and understand their world.

Here's another great way for your baby explore their world:

  • Place your baby on a mat or blanket with a few objects around them such as scarves, textured cloth books, rattles and scrunchy toys. Leave their hands and feet bare so they can feel the different textures around them. It’s great if you can get down onto the floor with them. Have some face-to-face time and play peek-a-boo, use a sing-song voice with lots of smiles encouraging your little one to follow you with their gaze. Wiggle, scrunch and rattle the different items you’ve provided to encourage your little one to turn their head or reach for them.

This activity provides a great opportunity for your baby to be physically active and it’s also a wonderful bonding experience too.

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This week our topic on social media is all about Storytelling, with a celebration of National Storytelling Week. We have several great activity ideas, including a treasure basket filled with tactile items to help your children explore their world. We also use storytelling stones to tell a story through play – allowing children to become authors and illustrators, which is fantastic for supporting early literacy.

We also have an activity idea of creating a storytelling chest: find a basket, box or tin and use household objects, favourite toys and treasures to build a magical story chest full of adventure and opportunities. Use the objects to tell your own story and let your imagination take over!

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