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Sophie Britton was speaker at CORAM's annual conference in London last month, focusing on how we share Home Learning messages through our Parent Champions. She covered how they receive initial training and then at team meetings every six weeks, there's training on a specific topic around the home learning environment, for example Speech & Language, which parent champions then focus on until the next team meeting. Sophie's presentation went down really well, with their Chair of the Trustees making a special effort to speak to her afterwards to thank her both for her energy and the really informative content. Well done Sophie :-)

We have loved working closely with CBeebies to develop a new programme, with Peeple, called The Baby Club, for both babies & parents.

We hope you and your baby enjoy singing, sharing books and playing as you watch it together.

Perhaps see if you can find a local group at your nearest centre?

Keep your eyes peeled ... coming to your screens in March.