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This week’s focus is Fun with Maths

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The best toy to spark conversation is YOURSELF!

Say it with body language – Most communication is nonverbal. Babies are fascinated by faces and will respond by to your facial expressions, e.g. They may copy you pulling tongues.

Say it again! - Copy your babies babbling, giving them time to respond, they will be practising the turning taking that happens during conversations (listen & respond).

Introduce new language – label objects, body parts, feelings, describe features, colours, textures etc

Play with toys they are interested in - they will be more likely to express and extend their ideas in conversations.

Find something new to explore – introducing new toys and experiences provides new conversations.

Ask questions yourself, exploring together… I wonder if?   What will happen…  let’s find out…

Doing all of this gives children opportunities to hear, understand and practice communicating.

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