This week's social media topic is all about communication and language.

When asking children a question it’s hard not to jump in if they don’t answer straight away. Give lots of eye contact, get down to their level and lean forward as if expectant of a response as this will encourage your child to respond.  It doesn’t matter if your child uses words, sounds or gestures they will be beginning to understand the art of turn taking in conversation. 

You can also make a talking sack! Choose toys, puzzles, puppets and found items that your little one is interested in and put them in a pillowcase, box or sack. Let your child pick out items and chat about them together. Ask and answer questions, listen to them and give time for them to respond. You could also use it as an opportunity to talk about past experiences and explore feelings. To talk about likes and dislikes,  and make up stories and play games.

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