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This week’s topic is all about Halloween and the opportunities it gives us to play and learn. Join Jemma for a Talktime Video about how we can support children’s curiosity by exploring play with pumpkins. There's also have a great activity idea – making a witch’s potion out of easily accessible items and using it as a fun opportunity to talk about colours and textures with your child. Finally, we have some fantastic Halloween baking ideas for the whole family.

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This week’s Adventures at Home topic is about separation anxiety - something that every child will experience at some stage, and in Jennie’s Talktime Video she discusses techniques for easing separation anxiety.  We also show how playing peek-a-boo can demonstrate an object’s permanence and help introduce the idea of separation to young children. Finally, we have an activity idea: making a sensory bag with your child’s favourite items, which will help them to explore their environment and build attachment.


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