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Training options for Early Years settings

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The Foundation Years Trust offers professional development opportunities for early years staff, with discounts for those settings who have signed up to a two year research project with us, funded by Shine.  See options below:

Building strong, cooperative partnerships with parents is a valuable skill for early years teachers and practitioners.  The EYFS framework stipulates that engaging parents in their child’s early development is a key requirement.  However training for early years practitioners and teachers understandably focuses on children, and does not always fully equip staff to work effectively with parents.

Early years staff are well placed to support parents to provide good learning environments at home, so that children achieve their expected outcomes by the time they start reception class.  

Quotes from delegates:          

I really enjoyed the training and am looking forward to using this in my setting!
It was such an amazing experience!  I was made to feel comfortable & confident within myself.
I think that involvement with parents is essential & this is an exciting, consistent approach to involve parents in their child's learning.
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Promoting the Home Learning Environment
(in-house workshop)

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Improving Partnerships with Parents 
(in house or open access workshops)

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Peep Learning Together 
to enable your staff to deliver Little Explorers groups in your setting