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Janice Darkes-Sutcliffe

Janice worked for 17 years as a teacher and Senior Leader in mainstream and SEND provision. In 2004 she became a LA advisory teacher for the EYFS, a role she held for 11 years as part of the School Improvement Team in Liverpool, gaining valuable experience by working closely with childminders, teachers, leaders and early years practitioners across the range of provision in the Early Years Sector. 

Janice was the strategic lead for the team of Area Sencos in Liverpool, providing training, support and advice on all aspects of SEND provision. She planned, organised and delivered a new accredited award for Early Years Sencos in order to equip them with the skills, understanding and confidence to undertake their important role. 

As the Lead Officer for developing provision for two year olds in Liverpool, Janice organised action learning networks, training events and conferences with the aim of developing collaborative working approaches across PVI settings and schools in order to ensure quality provision and practice for young children and their families. Working with Tate Gallery Liverpool and Anni McTavish, she was instrumental in developing ‘Building a Bridge of Books’, a creative project funded by ‘Liverpool City of Readers’. This initiative promoted partnership working with parents by utilising their interests and skills, building on their ‘funds of knowledge’ about their children. The overall aim of the project was to foster a love of books in young children and encourage parents and carers to become involved in supporting their child by reading and making books with them. 

Janice is studying for her PhD and has a particular interest in developing collaborative working practices across services and as a practitioner researcher, supporting groups of schools and settings to undertake action research through practitioner led inquiry. 

Janice currently works an Independent Early Years Consultant and is an Associate Tutor at Edgehill University. She is an active School Governor at a large Primary School in Liverpool and an Advisory Board Member for a Children’s Centre.

Janice Darkes-Sutcliffe