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A short video explaining why parents really do make the difference in their child's learning.

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Adventures at Home

YOU make the difference!

Simple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five.

Current News

For the new school term and return to school, we are promoting a new topic every week on our social media and calling it ‘Adventures at Home’. This week we have been talking about children’s physical development. We made a dancing ribbon, shared information in a Talktime video about how ‘Movement Matters’, did some giant weaving and showed how crossing the midline of the body is vital for helping to promote coordination and communication of both sides of the brain. See our Facebook ... Read More


What We Do

Contact your nursery or school for more details

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Those first few months of a child’s life are really important for the development of their body and brain. 

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(walking- 2 years old)

These play sessions are a great opportunity for parents to meet each other and to find out more about what their child is learning and how they can help.  

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(nurseries & schools)

Lots of fun for you and your child.

Weekly sessions are delivered in schools and nurseries across Wirral, led by school/nursery staff who have been trained by FYT.  If your child attends one of these schools or nurseries, speak to your teacher for more details.

The sessions include talk time, story and song time.  The talk time gives parents an opportunity to discuss an area of learning and development and take away ideas of how to support this further at home with their child. 

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This exciting group is run by parent volunteers trained to run groups with other parents & children together, reading books and story-telling.  It's been a big success at Liscard school, so more parents were trained in Rockferry, Woodslee & Town Lane primary schools.  If your child attends one of these nurseries, speak to your teacher for more details.

Are you a parent who would like to volunteer with us? Contact us to find out more information.