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Everyday Adventures for 0-1 Year Olds

Tickling Rhymes

Babies love watching! They develop an understanding of what is happening by what they hear but also what they see and feel. Rhyming and gently tickling hands, fingers, toes, or feet, giving lots of eye contact and using different facial expressions is a great way of encouraging this. Try tickling palms whilst reciting “Round and round the garden…” or tickle toes and feet whilst reciting “This little piggy …” Notice how your baby reacts and respond to them with smiles, laughter, and gentle sounds.

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Sensory Bottles

Babies explore the world using their senses. They also learn by watching us, following our gaze, and sharing experiences together. Fill small plastic bottles with different objects such as leaves, rice, water with food colouring and glitter, or whatever you can lay your hands on. Replace the lid and secure it with Sellotape so that your little one can’t get hold of any small parts! Have fun exploring these together, notice how your baby reacts and responds to them with facial expressions and sounds.

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Mirror Play

Babies love looking at faces. Spend some time looking in the mirror with them, pulling funny faces, sticking out tongues and copying their expressions. Talk about what they see, gently touch their nose or cheek and name them whilst looking in the mirror. This may then contribute to them reaching the realisation that they are looking at their own face, and becoming self-aware. 

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Bedtime Stories

It is lovely to add a bedtime story to your routine. As well as promoting the development of speech, language and listening skills this is also an opportunity to sit and share a calm moment together at the same time every day. This will encourage feelings of comfort, safety and security and promote bonding.

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Reach and Explore

Moving and being physically active helps babies to develop the muscles needed to go on to roll, crawl, sit and stand. Lie your baby gently on their back on a mat, blanket or rug. Choose some toys which your little one is interested in and encourage them to reach and move whilst they are exploring.

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