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YOU make the difference!

As a parent or carer, you are the most important person in your child’s life and every little thing you do together will help them start life successfully.

Many little things light up hungry little minds. Kids take everything in, and even the smallest things you do with them can make a big difference.

Children love it when you chat, play and read with them, even when they’re too young to understand everything. Whatever the time and wherever you are, you can turn almost anything into a game. Your child is learning from everything that is going on around them and you are teaching them by talking, listening, singing, playing and just having fun together.

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Physical Development

When children move around, they develop their muscles – big movements and small ones are all important. Provide lots of opportunities for your child to stretch, roll, jump or climb. Help them practice threading or picking up peas with finger and thumb. 

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Emotional Development

Children need good relationships with their key adults to  help them learn. You can't over cuddle a baby and even independent toddlers and older children need to know you are there for them. Spend time together being close.

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Language and Communication

Even before children are using words, they are communicating by using their body and babbling. Communicating is really important if we want our children to be confident learners. Chat to them, ask them questions, sing songs and read together.