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FYT’s programme in the Wirral

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It’s never really work at ... as we love and enjoy doing what we do and turn the impossible into the possible. We value honesty, hard-work, transparency, and respect each other. We work seriously while not taking ourselves too seriously.

Our work focuses on the crucial years from birth to the first days of school, which are acknowledged to be the formative years physiologically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. This is also the period when substantial gaps in development are embedded.

The charity was established to identify practical approaches to implementing the wealth of evidence which highlights the powerful driver of the home learning environment and parental warmth and sensitivity as key influences on a child’s outcomes, which can be strengthened through well-designed interventions. Our Chair, Professor Edward Melhuish, OBE, continues to be one of the leading researchers in this field, building on the evidence initially published in the Effective Provision of Pre-School Education report (2004).

We know that young children achieve more and are happier when early years educators work together with parents and share ideas about how to support and extend children’s learning.

(Meade and Cubey 1995)

Our programmes are designed to help parents provide their children with a positive and creative learning environment at home.

We recognise that the partnership between early years staff and parents is a massive force for good in early child development. We support early years settings to maximise the opportunity of that relationship.

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