The Foundation Years Trust

The Foundation Years Trust was established to pilot, develop and action the findings of Frank Field’s Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances, The Foundation Years: how to prevent poor children becoming poor adults.

The aim of the Trust is to develop and promote a strategy, based upon these findings, to put an end to poverty being passed from one generation to the next in the UK.  To do this the Trust is pursuing a three pronged strategy:

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The Trust is developing and testing the concept of an Early Years intervention with a single focus on child poverty, as identified in The Foundation Years report.  This package of programmes supports families from pregnancy to when a child reaches 5 years.  It prioritises those factors which impact on early learning and development, and which affect poorer families disproportionately.  The intervention aims to support the confidence and skills of parents, the capacity to nurture their children and their ability to work with schools so that all children start school ready to achieve their full potential. More


Currently, education for parenthood is offered to parents from the time of pregnancy to when their children are teenagers.   However, we all learn about parenting from our own experiences as children.  The Trust recognises that it is important to encourage young people to think about the responsibilities and challenges of parenting before they become parents themselves – and while they are ‘experts by experience’.  The Foundation Years Trust is seeking to extend and develop the support available for parenting, starting with education for young people. More


The Trust works to develop, implement and promote ‘life chance indicators’, which measure a child’s development against the factors which are predictive of future outcomes.  The ultimate aim is to chart the development of individual children at three stages up to when they start school at 4-5 years, in a Reception or Foundation Stage 2 class. These indicators will play a key role in driving policy and incentivising a focus on improving children’s life chances in the long term.

In the longer term the Trust is working to achieve the adoption of this three pronged strategy across the UK. More